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Homegrown Labs is proud to offer a one hundred percent organic, continual release fertilizer. These fertilizers were created to supply your cannabis plants with all of the nutrients necessary to grow big, beautiful, dense buds. The simple application makes the growing process a breeze for home growers and for those growing on a larger scale as well. The continual release of nutrients will support your plants through the vegetation process and budding. Our fertilizers help build organic matter in the soil, which improves the water efficiency, this helps to prevent over evaporation from the plant’s leafs. Homegrown Labs has developed products that concentrate on the growth and strength of the plant’s roots. When the roots are strong and healthy, your plant will absorb the water and nutrients more efficiently. The nutrients used to grow your plants also aid in the health of your soil, it will be able to withstand the high traffic of plants. Our fertilizers are also pathogen free; pathogens cannot survive in our product. We do not use any manure fillers or chicken litter, when you use a Homegrown Labs fertilizer you are getting wholesome, sustainable and organic ingredients.

Our flagship fertilizer is a blend that fits the needs of any strain.  Its unique and organic ingredients give your plants an initial NPK level of 9-4-2 for the vegetation stage, as the ingredients gradually develop the fertilizer transforms bringing it to an ideal budding level. Since we use only the best organic products, there will be variations in the NPK levels. The numbers shown above are the minimum your plants will receive.

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